Salt Blade

Hand Crafted Meats, Seattle, WA

Salt Blade creates small

batch cured meats

using local, sustainably

raised animals

from Olsen Farms.

Our spicy Balinese all-pork salami. Packed with galangal, ginger, garlic, chilis, and turmeric.

Tuscan Salami
Simplicity at its finest. Pork salami with toasted fennel seeds, garlic, red wine, and black pepper.

Another Italian classic: pork, white wine, red pepper flakes, and white pepper.

A tribute to Americana, via Little Italy. As good on a cheese board as it is on pizza.

Genoa Salami
Our mild pork and beef salami seasoned with cardamom, garlic, and ginger.

Porcini and Sage Salami
Originally a fall seasonal, this earthy salami made with porcini mushrooms and sage has become a year-round staple.

Orange and Coriander Salami
Orange zest, toasted coriander seeds, and a hint of fresh rosemary make a bright and fresh tasting all-pork salami.

Saucisson Sec
Our French-country style salami is our most stripped-down offering. A hint of Applewood smoked salt and a light touch of garlic and black pepper allow the high quality pork from Olsen Farms to shine.

Heavy with Pimenton de la Vera, our Spanish-style dry-cured salami is at home with Manchego, olives, and a glass of Tempranillo.

Salame Picante
Our answer to the Calabrian classic uses locally grown chiles from Tonnemaker Farms. We use their Cherry Bomb, Aji Negro, and Cayenne to produce a balanced salami with a slow burn.

The Seattle Stick
Theo cocoa nibs and Caffe Vita coffee make this all-pork salami a celebration of responsible sourcing. Coffee and chocolate may sound like a strange additive to pork, but the end result has gathered a base of ardent supporters.